New version of JSTUN released (JSTUN)
During my stay in Toulouse I tested JSTUN, because at ENSICA the Internet infrastructure was different to what I usually have access to. A highly crowed conference room where many people used the wireless Internet connection simultaneously yield many packet losses and increased the end-to-end delay. Actually, a perfect environment to test network libraries. As maintainer of JSTUN I started with this library! ;-) JSTUN is a STUN implementation (RFC 3489) or in other words, a peace of software to probe the kind of network connection a machine is connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, I found an minor bug in the test1redo method. After a few minutes I tracked down the bug and fixed it. I have not released the new version during my stay in Toulouse, because I was to busy attending to the CoNEXT. The latest version of JSTUN was released yesterday afternoon, after a time-consuming test session (I have not found any other bug). I hope JSTUN is now rocket-stable! ;-)
A company from Austria contacted me a few days ago to ask me if I would release JSTUN under LGPL (instead the GPL). They offered me a little bit of money. Frankly, I am thinking about releasing JSTUN under the term of LGPL. So far, I am the only developer working on JSTUN, so it is easy to change the license. Stay tuned, I will inform you about my decision! ;-)
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hello: i am now developping Stun client\server with c++. it will be used in my project. i have read the source of your JStun a little, but i did not find the code for Shared Secret Requests\Response. bobby from china
Comment by bobby at 07:31 2005-12-17

after read rfc3489, i can not clearly understand how the username and password work in binding request. can you give me some description about that. my e_mail is : thanks
Comment by bobby at 07:52 2005-12-17


please consider dual licensing your library (GPL + commercial), which would allow you to sell it in the future and still keep with the open source spirit. You can do this, since you hold the copyright.

If someone will profit from your work, they should share with you.


Comment by Christian at 21:08 2005-12-19

Hi Christian, I completely agree with you. As soon as someone pays for JSTUN I will release it under two or more licenses. ;-) Greetings, Thomas
Comment by Thomas King at 16:02 2005-12-23

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