JSTUN and Freecast (JSTUN)
Yesterday, it happened again: I released the latest version of JSTUN. The latest release enables JSTUN to handle multi-homed machines. Furthermore, I refactored the demo classes a little bit.

In case nobody else will provide source code for JSTUN this release will be one of the last releases of JSTUN. Of course, I will provide bugfix releases in case a bug will be found. At the moment, the STUN client related parts are up and running, however, a STUN server implemenation is completely missing. For my personal needs (and I assume this is also true for most STUN-enabled software projects) I do not need a STUN server and hence I will not implement one in the near future. If you feel the need of a STUN server based on JSTUN please feel free to contribute code!

I am proud to announce that the latest Freecast release utilizes JSTUN. It is really cool to see that other GPL projects use JSTUN. ;-)

Posted by Thomas King at 19:52 2006-05-27 | Trackbacks (0) | Comments (1)