Crawdad, MobiCom, and WiNTECH (Ph.D. studies)
A lot of things happened since I have posted my last blog message. First of all, I have been in the States for over 2 weeks. At September 24th I flew from Frankfurt to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, I stayed until Friday and during the week I attended to the Crawdad workshop, MobiCom conference, and the WiNTECH workshop. I really enjoyed the time in Los Angeles. The conference and workshops were very interesting and I met my old friends from Daimler Chrysler Research and Technology North America Inc. during the Vanets workshop. The Vanets workshop took place at the same time as the WiNTECH workshop and the conference rooms of both workshops were close by. Additional to the nice guys from Daimler Chrysler Research I met highly interesting people and made new friends. I was really an exciting time. An ironic incident that happend during the whole MobiCom conference was that while we attended to the world most famous mobile networking conference, the stuff members were not able to setup a stable and working wireless network. We see, a lot of open questions are remaining to be answered by researchers. ;-)
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