Organizing the HUCUBIS Workshop (Ph.D. studies)
Together with my colleagues Gregor Schiele and Stephan Kopf I am co-organizing the HUCUBIS workshop. HUCUBIS is an abbreviation for "HUman Control of UBIquitous Systems"; this is also the written title of the workshop. HUCUBIS is co-located to MobiQuitous and will be held in Dublin, Ireland during Juli 25. Besides my job as technical program member I am also the website chair. This means I have spend some time together with one of my students to prepare a website advertising the workshop. A detailed description of the workshop together with additional information about the organization of the workshop is available from the workshop's website. Feel free to submit a paper! ;-)

Actually, it is the first time that I am involved in the organization of such an event. Of course, I have been supporting the MDM 2007 conference but being a technical program member is something completely different than just helping out as local organizer. So far it makes a lot of fun!!!

See you all in Dublin! ;-)

Best regards,
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