Dagstuhl - It is always a nice place to be (Ph.D. studies)
I spent the last week in Dagstuhl to attend a research seminar. The goal of the seminar was to work on a planed book about "Simulation and Modelling of Computer Networks". Actually, I am not going to write a whole book by myself, instead I am going to write one chapter or tow. I already arrived on Monday to sit together with my colleagues to work hard on a chapter. It looks like it was worth the efforts. We did a major step in the right direction: The content of the chapter is finalized. Additionally, we found a few more highly interesting papers that will be referenced in the book. The next step is to write the whole thing. Let's see how long it will take to finish my part of the work! I hope I can make it in a few weeks. ;-) However, before I am able to start writing my part I have to finish my ph.d. dissertation. Keep the fingers crossed! ;-)

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