DE-CIX is ISO 27001 and BSI IT Grundschutz Certificated (DE-CIX)
During an event of the regional security initiative called KA-IT-SI I gave a presentation about why and how DE-CIX started the ISO 27001 on basis of BSI IT Grundschutz certification process. As project leader and a former security officer of DE-CIX I gave insights into the lessons the project team learned during the nearly two years I drove this project. After I finished my talk a security consultant who was also part of the project team talked about how he as a third-party perceived the endeavor. His talk was followed by a presentation given by the leader of the auditor team that conducted the audit which lead to the certificate. Finally, the ISO 27001 on basis of IT Grundschutz certificate was handed over from a representative of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) to Arnold Nipper (COO, CTO DE-CIX Management GmbH).

The event took place in the beautiful panorama room in the building of the camber of commerce in Karlsruhe. After the certificate was handed over the less formal part of the event started with champaign and delicious food. I left nearly two hours later after I have talked to many of the 50 people who attended this event.

This is probably my last posting in this area of my blog as I left DE-CIX a couple of month ago. The past two years with the DE-CIX crew were just wonderful! I learned a lot! I am sure my team and I, we made DE-CIX a safer place. I really enjoyed working with so skilled and professional people as the DE-CIX crew. All the best for DE-CIX and its employees.

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