New JSTUN version released (JSTUN)
Today, Thomas Butter, a friend and colleague of mine, decided to use my STUN implementation (called JSTUN) on our common project at work. JSTUN is implemented in Java and uses a lot of Java 5 dependent features. One of the reasons, why I implemented JSTUN, has been to learn the new Java 5 features. The demo client for our common project, however, is implemented in a Java sub-dialect called J2ME CDC. J2ME CDC has been developed to run on cell phones and personal digital agents, hence it does not support all features of Java 5. Unfortunately, I have not told Thomas that JSTUN relies on many Java 5 features. So, as soon as he tried to add JSTUN to our demo client he faced over 200 compiler errors. Thomas spent a few hours to get rid of the Java 5 dependent features and since tonight the code compiles. During his downgrading work, Thomas found a serious bug in the error-code handling and two minor exception handling flaws. I fixed the bugs and improved the code and after the junit tests have been passed without any errors I uploaded the files to my JSTUN website. Feel free to test the latest version of JSTUN ... ;-)

Cheers, Thomas
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