Being at the University of Aarhus, Denmark (Ph.D. studies)
I haven't told you, but I managed to set up a visit at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, a few weeks ago. At Aarhus, I am visiting and working together with Mikkel Baun Kjaergaard. Mikkel is a researcher who works in the same research area as I do. He published many high-impact papers in this area. After Pervasive this year, we talked about doing a joint project. After finalizing the research questions we wanted to answer I applied for an European Science Foundation (ESF) scholarship. Doing all the paperwork is a lot work but this time it was worth the efforts. The ESF granted my scholarship which means all my extra costs due to the stay will be covered.

Mikkel and I started working on our project directly after the ESF showed us green lights. In a first step, we structured the project so that we both could work on it. To organize ourselves we set up telephone conferences every two weeks. Additionally, we met during the LoCA conference for a "working meeting". The second step of the project is my stay at Aarhus. The goal of this stay is to finalize the results we have already produced. Additionally, we are going start writing the results up. The plan is to submit a paper to MobiSys 2008.

Oh, so far I haven't talked about the research questions we want to answer. I really would love to talk about this but I cannot until we submitted the paper. ;-)

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