German Computer Magazine "c't" Covers 802.11-based Positioning (Ph.D. studies)
The issue 5/2008 of the German computer magazine "c't" contains an article discussing 802.11-based positioning (see page 194). The article gives a brief overview of the existing technologies ranging from fingerprinting to proximity-based approaches. Besides the currently hot topic positioning with Apple's iphone the authors discuss two projects that got recently a lot of news coverage: Intel Research's PlaceLab and the 25 square-kilometer large testbed in downtown Nuernberg, Germany operated by Frauenhofer IIS. I think this article is worth reading especially for everybody who is not so familiar with 802.11-based positioning.

For me it is nice to see that at the near end of my Ph.D. studies my research area increases pace and moves into products. I predict that really cool applications will come out of nowhere just because Apple boldly moved forward by adding 802.11-based positioning into their iphones and ipods. The release of SDK for the iphone in the near future will give 802.11-based positioning for end-users another kick. Additionally, the hype we currently see about 802.11-based positioning will also increase the pace in this research area because a lot of Ph.D. students will now eagerly digg into this topic! For the 802.11-based positioning research community this is a great prospect! I am happy to be part of it! ;-)


P.S.: Unfortunately, the authors of the article did not mention my research project. So, give me the chance to do it here! ;-) My research project as well as my papers are available here.
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