TBM (General)
In past few days, I read TBM during my rides with the tram (mostly from home to work and back). Honestly, I am disappointed about the book. 33 of the most remarkable marketing guys gathered to author this book. This sounds impressive. However, the result is not as good as it could be.
The book contains a lot of short stories. Some are very interesting and amusing (e.g. How To Make Money With Garlic). Others are boring and stupid (e.g. Great Ideas In Bed).
My fazit: I probably expected too much; on the other side the book is a great amusement while commuting. If you have an hour sparetime the book is worth a read.
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Extreme Programming Explained (Second Edition) (General)
I bought EXE a few days ago and today I started reading. So far, I only finished the first 20 pages, however, I love Kent's writing style. Everything is so obvious and clear when I read his lines. Hopefully, I say the same in a few days when I finished the book.
In the meantime, I hope I learn a lot new stuff about efficient programming and healthy software development.
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SoC and Internetnews.com Interview (General)
Google started a hacking project this summer called "Summer of Code" (Soc), The official goal of this project was to support open source projects with great programmers. Inofficially, (I and others assume) Google is looking for high potentials.
One of my best friends participated in SoC and Internetnews.com now interviewed him about his work (What I Did at Google's Summer of Code.) He is a great gaim developer (also called high potential ;-)). So, lets play a little game: read the article and tell me his name. The first person that adds a comment to this blog message containing his name wins a price. ;-)

So far, I have no clue what the price will be ... surprise, surprise! ;-)
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TechCrunch.com & The Big Moo (General)
As promised Michael from TechCrunch.com contacted me on Monday to collect my address. He stated that the books will be shipped in the next few days. Hopefully, I get my copy in the next few weeks. ;-) Standard Mail usually needs between 7 to 14 days to deliver a package from the U.S. to Germany. We will see ... I let you know as soon as I get my hands on my copy! ;-)

Again, special thanks to TechCrunch.com!!!
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It is a shame ... (General)
Just read this: Spiegel Online article

I am sorry! Sometimes we (the Europeans) are doing stupid things!
Do you know a serious aid organisation? It would be nice if I can donate a little bit of my money!

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