New version of JSTUN released (JSTUN)
During my stay in Toulouse I tested JSTUN, because at ENSICA the Internet infrastructure was different to what I usually have access to. A highly crowed conference room where many people used the wireless Internet connection simultaneously yield many packet losses and increased the end-to-end delay. Actually, a perfect environment to test network libraries. As maintainer of JSTUN I started with this library! ;-) JSTUN is a STUN implementation (RFC 3489) or in other words, a peace of software to probe the kind of network connection a machine is connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, I found an minor bug in the test1redo method. After a few minutes I tracked down the bug and fixed it. I have not released the new version during my stay in Toulouse, because I was to busy attending to the CoNEXT. The latest version of JSTUN was released yesterday afternoon, after a time-consuming test session (I have not found any other bug). I hope JSTUN is now rocket-stable! ;-)
A company from Austria contacted me a few days ago to ask me if I would release JSTUN under LGPL (instead the GPL). They offered me a little bit of money. Frankly, I am thinking about releasing JSTUN under the term of LGPL. So far, I am the only developer working on JSTUN, so it is easy to change the license. Stay tuned, I will inform you about my decision! ;-)
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