JSTUN and Freecast (JSTUN)
Yesterday, it happened again: I released the latest version of JSTUN. The latest release enables JSTUN to handle multi-homed machines. Furthermore, I refactored the demo classes a little bit.

In case nobody else will provide source code for JSTUN this release will be one of the last releases of JSTUN. Of course, I will provide bugfix releases in case a bug will be found. At the moment, the STUN client related parts are up and running, however, a STUN server implemenation is completely missing. For my personal needs (and I assume this is also true for most STUN-enabled software projects) I do not need a STUN server and hence I will not implement one in the near future. If you feel the need of a STUN server based on JSTUN please feel free to contribute code!

I am proud to announce that the latest Freecast release utilizes JSTUN. It is really cool to see that other GPL projects use JSTUN. ;-)

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Weitblick 2006: McKinsey BTO Recruiting in Kitzbuehl (General)
McKinsey invited me to a recruiting event in Kitzbuehl, Austria from 2nd February to 5th February. I and a few other Ph.D. students gathered at the Alpine University (a facility owned by McKinsey) for 4 days. The main goal for this event was to bring potential employees together with McKinsey consultants so that the Ph.D. students can learn more about the work McKinsey is doing. McKinsey is hiring best-of-class students of nearly all fields of study. Although McKinsey is paying a very high salary and is offering a very interesting job it is actually very difficult for them to find enough highly qualified consultants. The reason for this is that a job of a McKinsey consultant is quite tough. Usually, a consultant is working at the client's facility which means that the consultant is leaving his flat at latest at monday mornings and comes back home at earliest at Thursdays nights or more often at Friday nights. For many people, this long period of time without being home is very annoying. However, this is not a McKinsey specific problem. Almost all consultants of other consultancies work out-of-town during the week.

McKinsey organised a well-balance schedule for us. Besides a few presentations about McKinsey, McKinsey's work and completed projects we spend a lot of time doing spare time activities (e.g. skiing, open-bar, wine-tasting). And of course, we were asked to do a Case-Study. The Case-Study was a lot of fun. Pretending to be a McKinsey consultant and working on a real case was quite interesting and instructive. It is actually pretty hard to do all the math and asking the right questions, however, we worked in teams of four what extremely helped solving the case.

The reason for this late posting is that McKinsey started shipping the pictures last week. However, I uploaded the pictures that the McKinsey stuff took while we stayed in Kitzbuehl. As you can see from the pictures, we all had a great time.
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