Comments (General)
I realized that everybody stopped commenting my blog messages. What happenend? Could you please comment why you stopped commenting? Is it too boring? Do you want to be unrecognized while enjoying my blog?

I am highly interested in your opinion.
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Updates (General)
Hi all,
today, I am going to provide only a few updates to recent posts:
  • I tried to install the monitor-mode enabled Lucent Orinoco driver for Linux. Unfortunately, I was not as easy as thought. The driver did not compile in the first run so I was forced to fix it. Frankly, it was pretty easy and after a brief discussion with the project maintainer, we figured out that this problem only occurs with SuSE kernels. After this, he released a bugfixed version for all SuSE users. ;-) (Okay, this is not really an update, however, I was too lazy to start an extra post for this little message).
  • Yesterday, Mr. Zhu Yi from Intel released the latest version of the ipw2200 driver. Kindly as he is, he noticed my patch in the release notes.
  • KPMG has hired a camera team to record the charity run and eventually the DVD with the movie arrived a few days ago. I transcoded the movie to shrink it in size. The movie is available from my website (only 73MB :-)). I hope KPMG will not sue me for sharing this movie with you ...
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Linux Kernel Hacker (Ph.D. studies)
At the moment I am transforming to a Linux kernel hacker. Frankly, this is probably a little bit overstated. ;-) What really happened: For my research work I needed passive scanning support for the Intel Pro/Wireless 2200 network interface. After trying to understand how all the network related components of the Linux kernel work, I figured out that the wireless tools already support passive scanning. Furthermore, I found out that the driver for the Pro/Wireless 2200 network interface did not support passive scanning. After studying the source code for a while I concluded that I would be able to enhance the driver with this feature easily. So, I started implementing passive scanning and I created a patch that I send to the developer mailing list. After making a few changes requested by the maintainer the patch got accepted. That is really cool, isn't it?. ;-) See all the communication as well as the patch in the mailing list's archive.
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WINTECH (Ph.D. studies)
Last Tuesday, 4:30 in the morning my mailserver received an email from the WINTECH technical program chair saying that my paper has been accepted. WINTECH is an abbreviation for Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation and Characterization, and WINTECH is the name of an ACM workshop co-located with the well-known ACM Mobicom. WINTECH and Mobicom will be hold in Los Angeles this year. Unfortunately, I read the email a few hours later because I was slepping at the time my mailserver received the email. I was so happy that my paper has been accepted and I was even happier after reading the reviews. The reviewers did a great job; their comments were very valuable and I already incorporated most of the them into the paper. If you are interested in the research work I published with this paper, please have a look at the technical report available from the website of my university. I will make a camera-ready version of this paper available here in a few days.
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