Happy new year (General)
I wish you and your family a happy new year. Enjoy the party and lets have a lot of fun in 2007. See you next year! ;-)
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A JSTUN-based stun server is available (JSTUN)
I already talked about the sponsorship provided by Jive Software. One of the first achievements is a working JSTUN-based stun server. I am still working with the source and on other parts so that the code is not ready to be released. However, I invokded a stun server (based on JSTUN) on my server. The server is reachable by jstun.javawi.de:3478. DNS source records will be added soon. If you would like to participate and/or contribute to JSTUN please let me know. I can provide CVS accounts on request. Special thanks to Jive Software!
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