Digg and Freshmeat (General)
Matthias Brantner, a friend of mine, is getting a painter. He really adores Mac OS X and hence he painted a few of the dock icons in acrylic. After he arranged the paintings in the right order he took a picture of them. The show looks really cool!!! So far, the paintings cannot be bought, they can only be received as a gift. However, I think until now nobody named the right amount of money! ;-)
To raise prices (;-)) and the popularity of the painter, another friend of mine created a digg entry. So, please digg it.

Another friend (actually the same friend as in last line) and great hacker, namely Thomas Butter, implemented a flickr to ipod synchronization tool. It is really cool and works pretty well, even that it is in its early stages. So, give it a try and download the tool from the google code repository. Additionally, Thomas created a freshmeat project to make it easier for users to keep track of the development. Let me know, what you think about the tool. I hope you will love it!!!
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