MobileKnox in Press (MobileKnox / Safe)
During the past few days MobileKnox has been covered by two bloggers: and Check out their reviews. These articles are very interesting to read and provide some great insights into MobileKnox and DesktopKnox. Thanks for the great work!

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Net Neutrality (General)
Do you know what Net Neutrality is? If not or if do not support Net Neutrality please watch this movie:


P.S.: As you might have guessed: I am a big supporter of Net Neutrality!!!
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Perfect day: MobiSys Paper accepted (Ph.D. studies)
One day late but still good to hear: Our MobiSys paper got accepted. The paper acceptance notifications have been scheduled to be send out until 4th March but I received our notification just a few hours ago. I have been so excited about whether the reviewers like it or not I checked the conference management website every few hours during the past 1,5 days. Today, I switched from checking the website every now and then to checking my mails on a regular basis by using my smart-phone. The mail checking interval was set to the minimum and the sound level increased to the maximum so that I could be sure that I was not missing any mail! ;-)

After I got the first sign that our paper got accepted I wrote Mikkel (my co-author) a mail telling him the good news. In the mail I complimented his great work and told him how cool it was to work with him on this great project.

Tomorrow, I will start incorporating the great reviewer comments to further improve the paper. The camera ready version of the paper is scheduled for 5th April. I will work hard to make it to this date! ;-) The paper will be available after the conference in the ACM digital library (and on the project website).

I know I already thanked my co-author. But his part on this success cannot be underestimated. So, please let thank again Mikkel. Mikkel, you did an incredible job while I stayed at your university during October and November last year. We perfectly worked together and I think it is a bit unfair to you that I am the first author named on the paper. In fact, we should both be named as first authors; however, this is impossible without braking the schema how authors are named on papers. ;-) Next time, you will be first!!!

So, see you on MobiSys! ;-)

Best regards,
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