MobileKnox and DesktopKnox Version 2 released (MobileKnox / Safe)
A couple of days a ago I released MobileKnox and DesktopKnox Version 2. Have a look at the project websites to learn about all the new feature that have been added:

Enjoy using MobileKnox and DesktopKnox!

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Questionnaire with Google Web Toolkit (General)
For a friend of mine who is currently a Ph.D. student at the business administration department of the University of Mannheim, I quickly implemented a questionnaire with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). GWT is a framework to write AJAX web applications. AJAX web applications are written usually in JavaScript and HTML which makes the development tedious and error-prone. To overcome this drawback the GWT framework allows developers to write AJAX web applications in Java like any other GUI-enabled application. The Java code is then compiled into JavaScript and HTML. This was my first GWT project but it was a lot of fun to learn this technology. I am highly impressed by how easy it is to create AJAX web applications by using GWT. Have a look by yourself:

Best regards,
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