NATnIP 1.2.9 released (Android)
After a few month of no development I spend a few hours to further improve NATnIP. The biggest new feature is that NATnIP now supports different STUN servers which can be selected from the settings menu. The screenshots show the new features and changes:

Have fun using NATnIP.

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Class about the "Economics of the Internet" (General)
Prof. Rothlauf from the University of Mainz (also known as the Johannes Gutenberg-Universit├Ąt Mainz) invited me to give a talk about the "Economics of the Internet". I was happy to accept this invitation and so we scheduled a meeting for this talk. We both agreed on the 10th of December which means I gave the talk yesterday. I started the talk with an introduction of the hierarchy of the Internet. With this model I explained the tier 1-3 concept as well as how peering and transit work. During the second part of the talk I gave an outlook on the current developments such as the raise of so-called Hyper Giants (=very large content-, access-, and hosting providers) and the massive increase of mobile Internet usage.
For me it was great fun to talk to motivated students and I really enjoyed the fruitful discussions around the content I presented during my talk! It is always good to be back to the universities! ;-)

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Ubivent - A Really Cool Startup (General)
A good friend of mine founded together with two other friends of mine a company called Ubivent. This company develops and sells software to setup virtual events. A virtual event is like an old-fashioned event (e.g., conference or fair) but the people meet virtual (in the Internet) instead of in person. To support such virtual events, software is needed that allows the participants to interact with each other as during old-fashioned events. So, the software created by Ubivent allows users to walk through the meeting venue, inspect different booth, attend to different talks, and talk to different persons (via chat, VoIP, or video). The software developed by Ubivent created a lot of news coverage and already won a few prices: Entrepreneur Price of Mannheim, and Interview with Sun.

I really like what Ubivent is doing and I believe they are on the right track! I hope they will be a market leader in the near future and the big company within the next years!

Check them out, they are really cool!

Best regards,
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