Update on PingPong (Android)
Today, I released version 1.4.0 of PingPong. This is major about release as it contains some minor bug fixes and some improvements. The improvements are as follows: Firstly, a new progress bar is added that is shown during hostname resolution. This means that the user is informed about ongoing work if a hostname is entered and the DNS systems is queried to resolve the hostname to an IP address. Especially, if the smart-phone is connected by UMTS or EDGE to the Internet it can take some time to get a response from the DNS system. Secondly, Admob mobile marketing is added to give me the opportunity to learn more about the Admob ecosystem. I am eager to learn more how mobile marketing works and how well Admob is integrated into Android. So far, I am really impressed about what Admob is doing. The subsequently shown picture shows how Admob is integrated into PingPong. I tried to minimize the impact of the space requirements of Admob on the user experience of PingPong. For that I optimized the layouts and I think I did a good job! :-)

Finally, I would like to reference an article over at SearchNetworking. In this article they are talking about PingPong and how it can be used. Thanks guys!

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