Poster isn't properly working ... (General)
Unfortunately, I have to switch off the comment feature of poster (this is the name of the blogging software I use), because it is not working. Even worse, I was not able to fix the bug by myself ... I will talk to the maintainer of poster ... Stay tuned!
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I frequently read and yesterday the guys started an advertisement activity containing 20 "The Big Moo" authored by Seth Godin. To get one of the free copies you have to write a comment to the article published on A trackback in your own blog works as well. First come, first serve: only the first 10 comment and trackback writers get a free copy.
Unfortunately, I was too late. I posted my comment as number 14 or something. Anyway, there are still a few free copies for trackback writers. So, I decided to start my own blog. A brief check at recommended Poster. And here we go: my first blog message in my own blog is online!!!

Now, I hope I get one of the free copies for trackback writers!

Let's see how things are going ... probably I will continue this blog and talk about ... me! ;-)

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