Updates (General)
Hi all,
today, I am going to provide only a few updates to recent posts:
  • I tried to install the monitor-mode enabled Lucent Orinoco driver for Linux. Unfortunately, I was not as easy as thought. The driver did not compile in the first run so I was forced to fix it. Frankly, it was pretty easy and after a brief discussion with the project maintainer, we figured out that this problem only occurs with SuSE kernels. After this, he released a bugfixed version for all SuSE users. ;-) (Okay, this is not really an update, however, I was too lazy to start an extra post for this little message).
  • Yesterday, Mr. Zhu Yi from Intel released the latest version of the ipw2200 driver. Kindly as he is, he noticed my patch in the release notes.
  • KPMG has hired a camera team to record the charity run and eventually the DVD with the movie arrived a few days ago. I transcoded the movie to shrink it in size. The movie is available from my website (only 73MB :-)). I hope KPMG will not sue me for sharing this movie with you ...
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