Class about the "Economics of the Internet" (General)
Prof. Rothlauf from the University of Mainz (also known as the Johannes Gutenberg-Universit├Ąt Mainz) invited me to give a talk about the "Economics of the Internet". I was happy to accept this invitation and so we scheduled a meeting for this talk. We both agreed on the 10th of December which means I gave the talk yesterday. I started the talk with an introduction of the hierarchy of the Internet. With this model I explained the tier 1-3 concept as well as how peering and transit work. During the second part of the talk I gave an outlook on the current developments such as the raise of so-called Hyper Giants (=very large content-, access-, and hosting providers) and the massive increase of mobile Internet usage.
For me it was great fun to talk to motivated students and I really enjoyed the fruitful discussions around the content I presented during my talk! It is always good to be back to the universities! ;-)

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