CoNext (Ph.D. studies)
Since Sunday afternoon I stay in Toulouse, France. Unfortunately, I am not on holidays - I am here because I already presented my shortpaper/poster on the CoNext 2005. Please do not understand me wrong, the conference is well organized and it is very interesting to meet a lot of highly skilled and highly intelligent people. However, the weather is so lovely here, it would be nicer to sit on the grassland with a cool drink in my hands! ;-)
Yesterday afternoon I presented my shortpaper to the masses! *g* An interesting discussion occured and I was lucky to speak to the famous Christian Huitema (from Microsoft Research). The photos of the discussion will be published soon (Matthias acted like a professional photographer).
As soon as I find a high bandwidth internet connection I will upload the pictures from the hotel where we reside. We pay something around 80Eur a night but the hotel is not worth the money. In my bathroom I do not have light (because the light is broken). Even worse, I can hear every event that is going on in the effluent system. ;-( Belief me, the hotel is really crap - I will never book it again.
So, now, I will attend to an interesting talk about "MRS Cross-Layer routing heuristic".

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